CreationDose: Our 2023 was really top, and it’s just the beginning

Our mission is to be at the center of the Creator Economy.

We are moving decisively and with great enthusiasm in this direction, and 2023 is proof of this: it has been an important year for CreationDose, in which we have achieved significant milestones and steady growth in all areas of our business with new projects, customers, products, and technologies.

Positive feedback from our customers and from users of our products such as Vidoser confirm the market’s growing interest in the Creator Economy sector and the potential it offers for Brand marketing and communication and monetization opportunities for Creators.

These results are the fruit of the commitment and work of our team of Creators and in-house professionals, a community that during the course of the year we have expanded with new entrants who have brought us fresh ideas and energy and the professional experience gained in important realities of the market.

With them, we have gathered the trust of national and international Brands, which have bet on our innovative solutions and ideas, obtaining projects with a high rate of creativity and able to channel all the energy of the Creators and Influencers of our communities towards marketing objectives.

In short, CreationDose‘s 2023 was characterized by creativity across the board, thanks to the development of our 3 main areas: Vidoser, the UGC video platform in its new version; Atomical, the reference point for Talent and Creators specializing in vertical themes; and NewGen Agency, which carries out 360° communication projects, coordinating its internal professionals and the entire CreationDose network.

Vidoser for the UGC video revolution.

This year we introduced version 3.0 of Vidoser, the innovative platform that is transforming the way companies of all sizes create short videos for their social channels, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

With the collaboration of thousands of Creators in our community, Vidoser makes it much easier to create engaging videos.

In line with the Creator Economy, Vidoser helps Brands communicate more effectively through new languages and emerging channels, enabling Creators to monetize their creativity.

As Vidoser Director, Marco Dodaro is responsible for the strategic and commercial direction of the project. The latter is the result of the ongoing efforts of the Tech & Product team, led by Raffaele Barone, CTO of CreationDose, and the unique expertise CreationDose has acquired over the years with the Creator communities.

Learn more about Vidoser in this paper and visit the web platform for Brands.


Atomical grows vertical roster of talent

Launched in April this year, Atomical has quickly established itself as the talent agency of choice in influencer marketing and creators.

What makes Atomical unique is its unique formula: the creation of vertical Rosters dedicated to specific market segments, interests, and trends.

Today Atomical groups a community of more than 100 talents covering the areas of entertainment, make-up, science, and book addicted.

The talent agency is led by Federico Rognoni, an influencer and expert speaker on all things new media innovation, starting with TikTok, and aggregates a team of professionals experienced in talent management and growth.

The addition of Mara Spatoliatore, Head of Talent, has further strengthened the agency’s ability to grow Creators and deliver impactful projects for Brands.

Find all the talents out on Atomical  website and follow their latest projects and initiatives on LinkedIn.


NewGen Agency for all-around strategy, creativity and production

The past year has also been of great significance for the CreationDose Agency, with the acquisition of new clients and the entry of new talents that have enhanced its strategic, creative, and productive capacity.

Strategic analysis skills, freshness of ideas, production capacity, and attention to data and KPIs have always been the basis of the Agency’s projects, which today is able to offer national and international Brands all the tools and levers to engage people and create authentic relationships through new languages and channels.

Our strength is the creation of impactful content, ranging from video heroes to content for social editorial plans, to in-store and on-field events that engage the target audience and become an opportunity to produce video stories and live streaming.

In addition to content production, we flank the management of communities and official channels of Brands, with the aim of increasing awareness, participation, and generating traffic flows in the digital ecosystems of Companies, from social to the website or ecommerce.

We are activating Brand communities on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels in tune with the target audience such as the podcast sphere.

This year we also consolidated the in-house media desk, dedicated to the most effective advertising strategies on social channels to increase content visibility and achieve campaign conversion goals.

Our offer is completed with all insight and research activities, which have always characterized us: thanks to our communities, it is really easy to collect insights, monitor trends, activate workshops and focus groups up to design thinking initiatives to optimize our clients’ products and services.

During the year we called Pierfrancesco Petrosillo to take on the role of Agency Director, and Giovanni Russo as Head of Creative. Today they are leading a team of seasoned professionals and next-generation talent that is bringing to life fantastic projects for top clients-discover them at the CreationDose website and follow us on LinkedIn.


Ready for 2024? We are, and we look forward to it.

Our DNA is that of a startup, and we know that the market demands continuous evolution from us. That is why we are never standing still.

We have released the Vidoser platform but our design and technology teams are already working on upcoming updates that will introduce new AI-based features that will help Brands and Creators make it easier and easier to produce UGC short videos.

At Atomical, the search for emerging and to-be-developed talent never stops, to create stronger and stronger rosters and launch new ones, just like MindMakers.

The Agency continues to produce exciting content and activations for clients who are increasingly demanding and increasingly attentive to the opportunities offered by the Creator Economy: the world we are passionate about and in which we are ready to accompany the most innovative companies in Italy and abroad.

We have made it our mission to be at the center of the Creator Economy, the sector that is revolutionizing marketing, communication, content production, and the attention market globally.

This year we have made important steps in this direction, and yes, we are indeed satisfied. But is that enough for us? Of course not.

We’re taking a break for the holidays, wishing you all well here and on social media, and we’ll be recharged for a 2024 that’s going to be great. Stay Tuned!